26 Memos to the Winner on 11/6

Okay, so my own politics may show in this post, but I sincerely believe both candidates might benefit from reading these memos…

1. I’ve resigned myself to your election but want you to know—if you represent the true values of America, as you’ve professed over and over during this campaign, then you cannot ignore what I think or feel… because I truly am an American.

2. During the election, I couldn’t tell if all the talk about jobs and who would create more was really about people or dollars. Let me clarify: people need dollars to live, but people are more important than dollars.

3. Large or small, government is of the people, by the people, for the people, and, as we’re in this together, is it unreasonable to expect you to model kindness and respect?

4. As the American president you cannot discount or dismiss any American. Not one.

5. Don’t say you understand what I feel or think without making a sincere and diligent effort to discover it.

6. You’ve succeeded in confusing me thoroughly about taxes, but please spend my money well. I’ll be watching.

7. And please don’t ask for money from those who have none to give or spare those who have it. Please, just try to be fair.

8. Beware believing your own misdirection. You regarded some issues as too complex for the campaign trail, but they are just as real and pressing.

9. Don’t think we fall for pretense. We live in a nation of advertising and hidden agendas. We’ve learned to be distrustful and suspect lies even before they’re uttered. We will know when you lie to us.

10. Even if we don’t know, you shouldn’t test us.

11. I will do my best to trust you as long as you seem worthy of my trust.

12. I’m not insensitive to being hated by much of the world and want to know why. Find out why. Consider what has landed us here and what might be done about it.

13. We want to be proud of where we live. We want to be proud of you. Please make us proud.

14. Capitalism and democracy are not the same thing, and you will never understand the place and purpose of government until you consider all the different forms currently in use, including “socialism,” a word you fear.

15. We could use some intelligence, resourcefulness, and open-mindedness about now.

16. Trickle down, trickle out, trickle up—you can’t ignore history. If it hasn’t or has worked you need to think about why and how before you can reproduce or avoid it.

17. It’s okay to acknowledge matters that aren’t government’s domain. It bears remembering that no government has ever succeeded in making everyone believe what it wishes.

18. The founding fathers wanted to separate church and state.

19. We are equal by virtue of citizenship. Whether we are haves of have-nots is incidental.

20. Everyone I know seems as tired of fighting as I am. If you can’t cooperate with the other party then maybe the system is broken and needs fixing.

21. Of course you’re right that initiative and ambition are to be celebrated, but where it relies on hindering opportunities for others, it’s really cruelty.

22. We’ve had more than enough melodrama over the last few months. Please don’t make melodrama your standard operating procedure.

23. All this acrimony and ill-will and bad blood and un-mending fences will be tragic if it’s all been about who will profit.

24. Whatever you may think, the next presidential election cycle has not begun.

25. Please put aside politics and govern.

26. And don’t fiddle. We’re burning.


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8 responses to “26 Memos to the Winner on 11/6

  1. Peter Newton

    I’m worried for Tuesday. . . we will see.

    • dmarshall58

      Oh, I’m worried too. But I’m also worried about us in general. The election won’t be our last chance to speak up and out, and, regardless of the outcome, the nation will still bumble along. What worries me more are the political habits we’ve developed in this country. We have a seemingly insatiable desire for conflict fed by the press and partisans on both sides. We like to fight (and watch fighting) and obstruct any positive action with our absurd flights of righteous indignation. We don’t agree enough to accomplish much and don’t discuss, or debate so much as try to assure one narrow point of view predominates… which isn’t at all the same thing as governing. Nothing really gets done except undoing. That’s where I lose hope. –D

  2. Thomas

    The one thing I always remember from Poly Sci 101 is Hans Morgenthau. ‘All politics is a struggle for power.’
    There is, unfortunately, little room for civility and fairness when men (and women) seek to attain power. You see it in the office, on the street, and in our candidates for office. It’s enough to make you want to go live in a cabin in the woods. Wait…..didn’t a famous three-name American already try that?

    • dmarshall58

      Unfortunately, Hans Morgenthau is right. I just can’t help hoping for more civility, that’s my trouble. And, as for moving out into the woods, I wonder if we have any woods far enough away. Thoreau would have a much more difficult time in our century, I think. Thanks for commenting. –D

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